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Launchpad for the internet of things as an all-in-one solution

ONTEC: SPSComm is an industrial interface tool that lets you easily access your machine control. We want to help you getting ready for industry 4.0!


ONTEC: SPSComm is based on a modern, flexible and modular software architecture. The components can be licensed and used individually.

ONTEC SPSComm WinService

With this service component, controller values can easily be read and written. There are multiple export and import formats available. The operation can be executed periodically or event based. Due to the flexible plugin structure custom operations and handlings can be implemented.


This desktop application is used to configure SPSComm. Additionally, the status of the components can be monitored and managed.

ONTEC SPSComm WebService

The WebService provides access to the controller values via a defined web api. This makes SPSComm a middleware between controller and third-party applications. The data exchange can be carried out in JSON or XML format amongst others.

ONTEC SPSComm DataInjector

The DataInjector simplifies the transmission of higher amounts of values to the controller. This application is the base system of a centralized recipe management and can prepare raw manufacturing data for the specific machine and directly transmit it.


Mediating between man and machine...

ONTEC: SPSComm collects data, processes it and provides a deeper insight into the production process. From intuitive visualization in dashboards to documenting the quality of single workpieces our customers use a wide range of possibilities.

SPSComm Architektur

Interfacing with external systems...

ONTEC: SPSComm provides multiple interfaces for the integration into an existing system landscape. Amongst other things, a modern and clear web api, connection to different databases, MQTT or OPC UA is provided.

Reacting to events...

With ONTEC: SPSComm actions are triggered by different states or actions of process values. For example, sending a machine fault notification via e-mail or creating a service request in the ERP system are common use cases.

SPSComm Features

Everything in Sight - Everything under control
with the ONTEC: 4comm App


4comm provides visual information of the health of your plant. It is an AddOn to the ONTEC SPSComm Software Suite. The app gives you detailed data about your production process in near realtime. The shown data can be freely configured according to your requirements!

ONTEC: 4comm